Cartier launches new Paris Sina Wave series jewellery

Cartier in 2013 issued a new jewelry series–paris Nouvelle vague series, with a very creative jewelry and cocktail ring heritage of the classic Cartier design concept, and the brand borrowed Paris feminine elements design style, cleverly grasped the unique connotation of jewelry production field. This jewelry series is a harmonious and melodic and layered hymn, intended to show the details of the singular, color changes, moving temperament and intrinsic charm.

Replica cartier Paris nouvelle Vague Ring
Replica cartier Paris nouvelle Vague Ring

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Cartier launches new Paris Sina Wave series jewellery

Replica cartier Paris novelle Vague Ring

Replica Cartier Yellow k gold Love Rings, lapis lazuli, green jade with, diamond

Paris is so full of fun for those of you who like to enjoy the merry-go-round at once. round of a Trojan horse is like a ring full of joy, with a silvery laugh in its turn. And in the sky, blue and green colors overlap with each other, just as the convex round lapis lazuli and green jade pith of multiple color, after careful carving, these natural gems appear as a series of bright colors like a series of shiny festive lights, cheerful and brilliant. The lively Parisian image of the moment into the jewelry, with the playful humor, elf eccentric and free and unrestrained to show the originality of extraordinary excellence.

Cartier launches new Paris Sina Wave series jewellery

replcia cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague bracelet

Replica cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague bracelet

Replica Cartier Rose Gold love bracelet, freshwater pearls, diamonds

Baroque architecture is not just luxurious atmosphere but also exquisite, but in Paris, this style and all the art schools blend with each other, reflecting the historic city of generosity and tolerance. With K-Gold to create the hollow shape jewelry, the neo-classicism-style dome for the design inspiration, let the silk light transmission came in, like the call of the Kingdom of heaven, dazzling God fans, and the dim night decorate brilliant brilliance. Precious materials and fine metal hinge technology, the charm of jewelry to show out. A ring with pearls or diamonds on top of the ring, and a bracelet decorated with Arabian patterns, whether or not its shape is a ring or a polyline, no matter whether it is a pearl or a diamond, can not hide the elegant charm of the temperament, and elusive mind … This is the presentation of the charm of Paris, is a blend of infinite charm, at the same time, women’s eternal gentle tenderness has also been reborn.

Cartier launches new

replcia cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague rings

Replica cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague ring

Replica Cartier White gold Love Rings, onyx, lapis lazuli, diamond

The sun was wandering in the free air of Paris, occasionally caring for the garden, sometimes naughty, wandering around, sometimes giving a kiss to the shadow behind the statue, in such an unrestrained atmosphere, everything can be the whims of. When the left bank is filled with the peculiar winds and romantic qualities of Paris, its innate pleasures and its attendant nature, let the colorful art flower bloom heartily, has produced such as “The Ode of Joy” (l ‘ hymneàla joie), the “naught” (Les rends dans l ‘ eau), “400 strikes” (les quatre cent coups) and “exhaustion” (àbout did souffle) and so on fruitful.