Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Replica Cartier love diamond ring

Recently, the Hunan well-known radio host Tian Mong a confession video exposure, in the video Tian Mong for the wife prepared for the four anniversary of the wedding gift, and told reporters about his wife’s blind Date and love, as well as on the anniversary of the wife Cartier love diamond ring journey.

Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Replica Cartier love diamond ring

On the acquaintance of the wife’s blind Date: Thank God for the fate

On the day of the interview, Tian Mong’s wife had been pregnant, and when she saw four anniversary cake Tian Mong deliberately prepared, her face rose to the happiness of a little woman. Then, Tian Mong took out a true four anniversary gift, a valid name customization, a lifetime only to send one person’s Le Vader diamond ring, and carefully for love wife put on, let his wife very touched.

“I’m still thankful for the matchmaker who introduced me and my wife, and I just had a blind date, and then it became.” Tim Mong told reporters that he can know his wife is the greatest happiness of his life. Speaking of the past, two people face a sweet expression. and wife before a blind date, as a moderator, focus on the work of the Tian Mong never thought of “love” This thing, is the fate of “Blind Date” in the form of his wife pushed to his side, let him taste the sweet and happy love.

Tim Mong Friends Circle to bask in fake Cartier love diamond wedding ring

blind dates: Dating is not shameful, just a way.

“I never felt that a blind date was any good, it was just a way for young people to become acquainted, I now also often for the side of the single men and women to introduce the object, Tian Mong to reporters,” everyone has their own way of making friends, love way, some people may be very good at dealing with the opposite sex, some people may be more introverted, not active, which determines the different ways of loving each other. ” Therefore, in Tian Mong’s view, the blind date is not shameful, but a quick way to make mutual understanding between the two channels, there is no need for a “blind date” and feel ashamed.

Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Cartier love diamond ring

Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Replica Cartier love diamond ring

At the end of the interview, the reporter Tian Mong put forward his own doubts: why is “accounted for” ring? Why Choose Cartier Love diamond ring?

“Because I promised to marry, I will give my wife a better future, this diamond ring represents my wife as always Love,” Tian Mong continued, “will choose Cartier loves Diamond ring, is also a chance of it, feel that their love is like Levis advocated love, longing for life accompanied by the beautiful”! “