Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Replica Cartier love diamond ring

Recently, the Hunan well-known radio host Tian Mong a confession video exposure, in the video Tian Mong for the wife prepared for the four anniversary of the wedding gift, and told reporters about his wife’s blind Date and love, as well as on the anniversary of the wife Cartier love diamond ring journey.

Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Replica Cartier love diamond ring

On the acquaintance of the wife’s blind Date: Thank God for the fate

On the day of the interview, Tian Mong’s wife had been pregnant, and when she saw four anniversary cake Tian Mong deliberately prepared, her face rose to the happiness of a little woman. Then, Tian Mong took out a true four anniversary gift, a valid name customization, a lifetime only to send one person’s Le Vader diamond ring, and carefully for love wife put on, let his wife very touched.

“I’m still thankful for the matchmaker who introduced me and my wife, and I just had a blind date, and then it became.” Tim Mong told reporters that he can know his wife is the greatest happiness of his life. Speaking of the past, two people face a sweet expression. and wife before a blind date, as a moderator, focus on the work of the Tian Mong never thought of “love” This thing, is the fate of “Blind Date” in the form of his wife pushed to his side, let him taste the sweet and happy love.

Tim Mong Friends Circle to bask in fake Cartier love diamond wedding ring

blind dates: Dating is not shameful, just a way.

“I never felt that a blind date was any good, it was just a way for young people to become acquainted, I now also often for the side of the single men and women to introduce the object, Tian Mong to reporters,” everyone has their own way of making friends, love way, some people may be very good at dealing with the opposite sex, some people may be more introverted, not active, which determines the different ways of loving each other. ” Therefore, in Tian Mong’s view, the blind date is not shameful, but a quick way to make mutual understanding between the two channels, there is no need for a “blind date” and feel ashamed.

Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Cartier love diamond ring

Tim Mong carefully for his wife put on Replica Cartier love diamond ring

At the end of the interview, the reporter Tian Mong put forward his own doubts: why is “accounted for” ring? Why Choose Cartier Love diamond ring?

“Because I promised to marry, I will give my wife a better future, this diamond ring represents my wife as always Love,” Tian Mong continued, “will choose Cartier loves Diamond ring, is also a chance of it, feel that their love is like Levis advocated love, longing for life accompanied by the beautiful”! “

Cartier launches new Paris Sina Wave series jewellery

Cartier in 2013 issued a new jewelry series–paris Nouvelle vague series, with a very creative jewelry and cocktail ring heritage of the classic Cartier design concept, and the brand borrowed Paris feminine elements design style, cleverly grasped the unique connotation of jewelry production field. This jewelry series is a harmonious and melodic and layered hymn, intended to show the details of the singular, color changes, moving temperament and intrinsic charm.

Replica cartier Paris nouvelle Vague Ring
Replica cartier Paris nouvelle Vague Ring

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Cartier launches new Paris Sina Wave series jewellery

Replica cartier Paris novelle Vague Ring

Replica Cartier Yellow k gold Love Rings, lapis lazuli, green jade with, diamond

Paris is so full of fun for those of you who like to enjoy the merry-go-round at once. round of a Trojan horse is like a ring full of joy, with a silvery laugh in its turn. And in the sky, blue and green colors overlap with each other, just as the convex round lapis lazuli and green jade pith of multiple color, after careful carving, these natural gems appear as a series of bright colors like a series of shiny festive lights, cheerful and brilliant. The lively Parisian image of the moment into the jewelry, with the playful humor, elf eccentric and free and unrestrained to show the originality of extraordinary excellence.

Cartier launches new Paris Sina Wave series jewellery

replcia cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague bracelet

Replica cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague bracelet

Replica Cartier Rose Gold love bracelet, freshwater pearls, diamonds

Baroque architecture is not just luxurious atmosphere but also exquisite, but in Paris, this style and all the art schools blend with each other, reflecting the historic city of generosity and tolerance. With K-Gold to create the hollow shape jewelry, the neo-classicism-style dome for the design inspiration, let the silk light transmission came in, like the call of the Kingdom of heaven, dazzling God fans, and the dim night decorate brilliant brilliance. Precious materials and fine metal hinge technology, the charm of jewelry to show out. A ring with pearls or diamonds on top of the ring, and a bracelet decorated with Arabian patterns, whether or not its shape is a ring or a polyline, no matter whether it is a pearl or a diamond, can not hide the elegant charm of the temperament, and elusive mind … This is the presentation of the charm of Paris, is a blend of infinite charm, at the same time, women’s eternal gentle tenderness has also been reborn.

Cartier launches new

replcia cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague rings

Replica cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague ring

Replica Cartier White gold Love Rings, onyx, lapis lazuli, diamond

The sun was wandering in the free air of Paris, occasionally caring for the garden, sometimes naughty, wandering around, sometimes giving a kiss to the shadow behind the statue, in such an unrestrained atmosphere, everything can be the whims of. When the left bank is filled with the peculiar winds and romantic qualities of Paris, its innate pleasures and its attendant nature, let the colorful art flower bloom heartily, has produced such as “The Ode of Joy” (l ‘ hymneàla joie), the “naught” (Les rends dans l ‘ eau), “400 strikes” (les quatre cent coups) and “exhaustion” (àbout did souffle) and so on fruitful.

Chanel Latest Advanced Jewellery series

During the hate Couture week in Paris, Chanel at the top floor of Place VendôMe’s flagship store, featuring the latest jewellery series “sous les signal due lion”, which honors the Leo Gabrielle Chanel of 58 pieces of jewellery. The lion is part of Gabrielle Chanel’s classic creation and an important source of inspiration.

Chanel Latest Advanced Jewellery series

Born August 19, Gabrielle Chanel once said: “I am a natural leo.” Therefore, Chanel particularly likes to use lines for clothing buttons, and also has a lot of art with lions as its theme. In the “sous les signal due lion” series, a diamond long necklace is themed with lions, and lifelike lions adorn the diamond and a rare 32-carat yellow diamond, exquisite. Another lion styling is decorated Replica Chanel Necklace with yellow diamond and Cartier love rings replica  inlaid brooch, the same magnificent dazzling, sparkling.

Wearable computing devices are no longer plastic motion tracking tools

Wearable computing devices are no longer plastic motion-tracking tools

When wearable computing devices are just emerging, they focus mainly on motion-tracking, such as the number of walking steps and sleep patterns.
Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Nike FuelBand, Fitbit Flex, and Jawbone up have proven the potential for wearable computing with tracking and mobile applications, but such devices look more like tools in gyms than in everyday life.

Today, however, a larger number of different devices for female users are beginning to appear, and these devices provide other functions other than health and motion-tracking. With the help of metal and gem materials, they look like real jewelry and are no longer simple plastic bracelet.

Smart Bracelet connected to the iphone

Today’s “wearable jewelry” includes a range of devices that can alert users to important phone and text messages, or give women protection.

Which of these jewellery devices will fail and which will succeed? Only time and Kickstarter activities can explain everything.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
The Memi
What this is: Smart bracelets connected to the phone.
What’s the function: Memi can remind users to call, text messages and timeline events through intermittent vibrations. In this case, the user does not have to take out the phone in the wallet to receive notification. The user can also set up a prompt only if an important contact call.
Price: 150 dollars.
Can now buy: Memi has accepted the reservation, and will be shipped in August 2014.
Smart Ring
Evaluation: slightly heavier than ordinary bracelets, but lighter than imagined. This weight feels “not too cheap”.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What is this: This is a series of jewelry wearable computing equipment, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants and key chains.
What is the function: there is a button on all cuff devices. After the button has been pressed, multiple preset contacts will receive a hint of your need for help. You can programmatically notify a specific contact when a button is connected to two or 3 times.
Price: the “sports cuff” is priced at $49, while the metal cuff is priced at $150.
Can now buy: Cuff has accepted the reservation and will be shipped this fall.
Motion tracking Equipment
Evaluation: Unlike most wearable computing devices available on the market, cuff does not yet have the exercise and sleep tracking function. Nonetheless, Cuff is focused on designing beauty, which is lacking in other wearable devices.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Tory Birch for Fitbit
This is what: a Fitbit and the American lifestyle brand Tory Burch collaborate on products that combine wearable jewellery and Fitbit Flex technology. Exclusive products include bracelets and necklaces.
What is the function: analogous to the Fitbit motion-tracking function, can record steps, distance, heat consumption and sleep conditions.
Price: Unknown.
Can buy Now: cannot buy, this series of products has not yet launched, but you can register to receive the product launches email notification.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What is as follows : the interconnected “smart ring”.
What is the function: through customized notifications, including vibrations and flashes, asks if you want to call, SMS, email and status updates. Related applications support iOS and Android systems.
Price: Depending on the style, the price ranges from $145 to $180.
Can you buy it now: Yes, you can book the product at a discounted price. Products will be sent this fall.

Evaluation: TRUE wearable fashion technology. When you get a call, a text message, or someone Instagram to give you a little bit of praise, you will get a shock and flash notice.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Misfit Shine
What is this: an attractive motion-tracking devices that can be used as watches and pendants, or clothes and shoes.
What is the function: Record walking steps and sleep mode, click to display time.
Price: Misfit Shine itself is priced at $99. The price of the accessories ranged from $19.95 to the wrist strap, with a leather bracelet priced at $50 and a silver necklace of $80.
Can you is purchased now? Misfit Shine is now sold through network channels, Target and Best Buy.

Evaluation: Shine can be worn anywhere, such as on shoes, T-shirts, or as necklaces. This flexibility makes it popular among female users, depending on sources close to the company.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Smalley Ring
This is what: the interconnected “smart ring”, relative to the ringly more geeks.
What is the function: Prompt call, SMS, email and application notice. Can be utilized to remote control of mobile phones, when the phone is lost prompts the user. In addition to the timekeeping.
Price: 275 dollars.
Can purchase Now: Can’t buy. The company is Indiegogo to raise money, but the financing activity has ended. Investors are supposed to receive their products this summer. It is not certain when the product is open for sale.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What this is: Zazzi includes a range of chic jewelry, such as bracelets, rings and pendants. The Zazzi parts can be replaced between different ornaments.
What is the function: when your mobile phone in the wallet, can be asked to call and text messages. Page also offers a variety of designs to choose from.
Price: 169 dollars.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy. The company is currently making public financing (the second time). Investors from Indiegogo will receive the product in the fall of 2014.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
This is what: the insolent ring of networking.
What’s the function: Targeting teens, using lights to prompt users to call, text messages and other notices.
Price: Retails 40 to $60.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy. The company plans to open a reservation this collapse, but it has not done so in the end. However, the company’s Web site is still receiving e-mail registration.

Evaluation: For several reasons, Ringblingz attracts young people’s attention. First of all, the price of the ring is relatively parsimonious, nor is it as bloated as the bracelet. This ring prompts users to view social networking updates, text messages, and calls from friends, buddies, parents, and other essential contacts without having to take out the phone.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What is as follows : a neutral-style “smart wrist strap”.
What’s the function: vibrate when there is an appeal, text message, email or forget to bring a mobile phone. The wrist strap can be changed to white, black, yellow, pink, red, blue and green colors.
Price: $49.99, and the extra wrist strap is priced at $8.00.
Can you is purchased now?


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What is this: a neutral-style sarcastic ring.
What is the function: to allow you to control everything, including sending text messages, controlling appliances, and making payments.
Price: 165 dollars.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy. The company is currently financing Kickstarter, but financing is over. Investors will receive their products this summer. Is not yet available for public sale.

Evaluation: This product looks like an ordinary ring, but slightly thicker. Depending on the developer, the sensor can detect tiny finger motions, and the user can control through preset gestures, such as sending text messages, playing music, or activating a camera. In addition, users can configure their own gestures with an apps.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What is as follows : the networked thumb ring.
What is the function: detect gestures and touch operations, turn the palm into a touch interface. With integrated Bluetooth capabilities, FIN can be used with smart phones, televisions and cars. This product can assist people with visual impairment to use technology. By programming, users can use find to make calls, send text messages, interact with social media, take notes, change TV channels, use map navigation, answer phones, and read messages.
Price: 120 dollars.
Can you buy it now: Yes, you can book fan for $120 plus $10 delivery fee.
Website: wearing. Com
Evaluation: Slide your thumb down a finger to reduce the volume of your phone, and you can turn the volume up by sliding up. Want to skip the currently playing music? Just slide your thumb over the other a palms. In future products, the team wants to integrate biometric technologies to differentiate between distinct fingers. Therefore, the operation of separate fingers will be able to achieve different behavior. This will make your palms turn into multiple buttons.

Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
What is as follows : Smart hairpin.
What is the function: The sign can prompt the security team for violent criminal activities. The accelerometer and gyroscope on this clip can detect the impact and can be attached to the phone via Bluetooth, recording GPS, camera and microphone data, including all the photos you’ve taken. This device will notify you of the contacts you have put in place in an emergency.
Price: The service price of notifying the contact is $50, and the monitoring service price is $75.
Can you is purchased now? Delivery time for the fall of 2014.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Guardian Angel
What is as follows : a networked device that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.
What is the function: press the device to make a fake phone call to help you out of an unpleasant or dangerous situation.
Price: Pendant price of $120, additional bracelet accessories priced at $30 to $60.
Can you is purchased now? Delivery time is 8-12 weeks.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Nanaimo JUNE
This is what: the glamorous bracelet for networking.
What’s the function: Measure your son’s exposure in the day and send the data to your smart phone to determine what SPF level sunscreen you should put on and remind you when you get into the shade. The color of the product includes gold, silver and bronze.
Price: 99 dollars.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy at present. The website shows that the product will be ready for sale on June 20 but has not yet been sold and is only accepted for email registration.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Artemis Fashion
What is this: a class of stylish jewelry products.
What is the function: You can click to tell the emergency contact. The latter can listen to and record evidence. This device can also prompt the emergency contact you need help.
Price: not yet determined.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy. However, you can sign up for email and receive notifications related to the product.


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
CSR Smart Jewelry
What this is: Smart necklaces that support Bluetooth connections.
What is the function: prompts the user to notice on the handset, for example the telephone and the text message. You can adjust the color and brightness to match the contemporary mood.
Price: not yet determined.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy. The company showcased prototype products at the U.S. International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and stated that it was designed to work with the boutique jewellery brand Cellini. However, the product is still not open for sale. (This seems to be more a demonstration of CSR technology.) )


Complete Guide to Smart jewelry for tidal current
Beacon & Lively
What is as follows : smart bracelet.
What is the function: to color and vibration to prompt calls and text messages. The wrist can be disabled.
Price: The price for Kickstarter early investors was $145, and the price for the subsequent backers was $165 and $185.
Can buy Now: Can’t buy. You can book by Kickstarter, and the shipping time is expected to be February 2015.

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Replica Cartier colorful C de handbags listed

The iconic red box and the leopard, precious jewellery and expensive watches of the year are why Cartier is loved. The attention of the leather products is not as high as the heat. Cartier’s new launch of the C did Cartier handbag series has attracted much attention, has been listed in Singapore.

Replica Cartier colorful C de Cartier handbags listed

This circular design of the handbag special is a variety of color selections, there are two sizes, handbags, the price of about 12939 yuan to 14301 yuan between. Recently expensive designer purses have reached a reasonable quantity. Next time you buy best replica love bracelets or tank watches at Cartier, make sure to pay attention to this beautiful handbag.

Replica Cartier Cartier Destinée Series wedding rings Sparkle debut

Replica Cartier destinée engagement ring, platinum, paved with bright cutting round diamond, central bright cutting round diamond, set for your Cartier custom wedding ring offers 0.40 carat to 4.99 carats and 0.40 to 2.99 carat diamonds to choose from.

Replica Cartier Cartier Destinée Series wedding rings
Replica Cartier Cartier Destinée Series wedding rings

Replica Cartier Cartier Destinée Series wedding rings Sparkle debut

This is a moment of encounter, full of magic, it is a love of Fate–carrier (Cartier) to create this spark from Heaven’s ring, a piece of jewelry only in the sky, with a touch of the stars for the future branded with a mark.

Cartier Cartier Destinée Series wedding rings Sparkle debut

A dazzling engagement ring, a sight, is shining the love light, captivating. The classic traditional engagement ring, a unique diamond brilliance, a brilliant garland of precious stones, the graceful jewel of the wonderful emotion, inlaid in the dazzling gem for the flower decorated ring. The classicism of God, with Solitare 1895 engagement diamond ring as inspiration for the claw set beyond the time, inlaid with a diamond ring crown in the hands of Cartier back to the beauty of the Dream, its beautiful on a full run gem such as water, endless starlight.